Mon. 16th - Sat. 21st October, 2006

at The Town Hall Theatre, Stourbridge





By arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.



The Cast


Tony: Leon Davies

Maria: Rachel Davies

Riff: Tim Guidotti

Bernardo: David Gregory

Anita: Lindsay Flavell

Chino: Cy Wooldridge

Anybodys: Jeni Hodges

Doc: Ken Clift

Lieutenant Schrank: Steve Humpherson

Officer Krupke: Fred Shaw

Glad Hand: Simon Cooper


Jets: Adam Bowles, Jonathan Dudley, Ben Edwards,

Jonathan Head, Adam Partridge,

David Shaw, Gary Townsend


Sharks: Dylan Budd, James Rowell,

James Tromans, Nathan Williams, David Wood


Graziella: Mel Glazzard

Velma: Gaynor Tromans

Jet Girls: Katherine Amphlett, Simone Garrett, Cathy Moreton,

Charis Moreton, Suzanne Nickl, Sarah Rose


Consuela: Beccie Lees

Rosalia: Anna Hough

Francisca: Natalie Harris

Shark Girls: Beth Clarke, Claire Fletcher, Katie Newey,

Emma Louise Vale, Sian Weston

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Production Appointments


Director/Choreographer: Mike Capri

Musical Director: Jonathan Hill

Accompanist: Tony Braddock

Production Secretaries: Mike Davies & David Shaw

Stage Manager: Paul Middleton

Assistant Stage Manager: Margaret Taylor

Sound Engineer: Peter Revill, Cygnet Sound

Lighting Designer: Steve Hewitt

Lighting Assistants: Su Fernandez, Dave Muirhead

Properties: Judi Davies

Scenery: Harris Scaffolding

Wardrobe Mistress: Kath Trigg

Costumes: Triple C

House Manager: Mike Davies

Assistant House Manager: Kevin Gripton

Call Boy: Sheila Harryman

Prompt: Sheila Clift

Ticket Secretary: Lorraine Lovett

Programme Editor: Ken Clift

Publicity Officer: David Gregory

Press Officer: Claire Fletcher


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The Story

The action takes place on the West Side of New York City during the last days of summer.  Against this backdrop, two rival gangs of youths battle for control of the territory.

Riff, the leader of the Jets, swears to drive the Sharks, led by Bernardo, from the streets.  Riff determines to challenge Bernardo that night at the dance at the gym, and asks Tony, his old friend and co-founder of the Jets, to help him.

Bernardo's sister, Maria, attends the dance with Chino, the boy she is to marry.  She meets Tony and despite the hatred between the gangs, they fall in love.  Later, after the dance, while the gangs are meeting at Doc's drug store for a council of war, Tony visits Maria on the fire escape of her apartment, and they pledge their love, promising to meet the next afternoon at the Bridal Shop, where Maria works.

At the drugstore, the gangs agree, at Tony's insistence, to a bare fist fight between the best fighter from each gang, to take place the following night.  Next day Tony visits Maria at the Bridal Shop, and she makes him promise to stop the fight.

In a deserted area under the highway the gangs meet.  In the ensuing action Riff is knifed, and Tony, grabbing the weapon, knifes Bernardo in revenge.  The gangs join in a frenzied battle until they are forced to flee by the sound of a police siren.

In her room, Maria is unaware of what has happened until Chino bursts in and tells her that her brother has been killed by her lover.  Seizing a gun, she rushes out in search of Tony.  Tony, however, has climbed the fire escape to Maria's room, and in spite of her grief she is unable to send him away.  Anita knocks on Maria's door, and Tony leaves through the window to find refuge at Doc's.  Anita's hatred of Tony is soon changed when she realises how much Maria loves him, and she agrees to warn Tony about Chino.

At the drugstore she is taunted by the Jets, and in her anger she leaves word for Tony that Chino has killed Maria.  Tony hears the news at Doc's, and walks the streets in search of Chino.  At midnight he finds Maria, but Chino appears from behind a building and shoots Tony.  Drawn together by the tragedy the two gangs appear and carry Tony's body off.


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'Musical has the vitality of youth' - Jerald Smith, Express & Star, 17/10/06


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