Mon. 15th - Sat. 20th October, 2007

at The Town Hall Theatre, Stourbridge





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The Cast


Galileo: Lyndon Flavell

Scaramouche: Rachel Davies

Killer Queen: Lindsay Flavell

Kashoggi: Leon Davies

Meat: Anna Hough

Britney: David Gregory

Pop: Terry Gormley

Teacher: Charlotte Wood

Big Macca (Leader of the Bohemians): Nathan Williams


Teen Queens (also Ga-Ga Kids): Cassie Day, Kimberley Fletcher,

Mel Glazzard, Emma Mitchell, Jodie Richards


Other Ga-Ga Kids: Claire Fletcher, Katie Leverton, Katie Newey, Dawn Shillingford,

Gaynor Tromans, Emma-Louise Vale, Sian Weston

Adam Bowles, Jonathan Hunt, Patrick O'Donnell, Adam Partridge,

Gary Powell, David Shaw, James Tromans


Yuppies: Emma Clift, Claire Fletcher, Chrissie Homer, Katie Leverton, Katie Linford,

Charis Moreton, Katie Newey, Emma-Louise Vale, Sian Weston, Charlotte Wood,

Jonathan Hunt, Adam Partridge, Gary Powell, David Shaw


Bohemians: Ben Edwards, Simon Hartley, Steve Humpherson, Nick Perkins, Sarah Rose,

Fred Shaw, Linden Stokes, Scott Sutherland, Steve Taylor, Paul Tooby, Gary Townsend


Off-stage Singers: Katherine Amphlett, Emma Baker,

Honor Giles, Sally Johnson, Chrissie Thomas

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Production Appointments


Director/Choreographer: Mike Capri

Musical Director: Jonathan Hill

Accompanist: Tony Braddock

Production Secretary: David Shaw

Stage Manager: Paul Middleton

Sound Engineer: Peter Revill, Cygnet Sound

Lighting: Tom Johnson & Nigel Parkinson

Lighting Assistants: TBA

Properties: Sheila Morris

Scenery: Scenic Projects

Wardrobe Mistress: Kath Trigg

Costumes: Triple C

House Manager: Mike Davies

Assistant House Manager: Kevin Gripton

Call Boy: Sheila Harryman

Prompt: Sheila Clift

Ticket Secretary: Lorraine Lovett

Programme Editors: Ken Clift, Leon Davies

Publicity Officer: Mel Glazzard

Press Officer:Sally Johnson


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The Story

The time is the future, in a place that was once called Earth.  Globalisation is complete!

Everywhere, the kids watch the same movies, wear the same fashions and think the same thoughts.  It's a safe, happy Ga Ga World.  Unless you're a rebel.  Unless you want to rock.  On Planet Mall all instruments are banned.  The Company computers generate the tunes and everyone downloads them.  It is an age of Boy Bands and Girl Bands.  Of Boy and Girl Bands.  Of Girl Bands with a couple of boys in them that look like girls anyway.  Nothing is left to chance, hits are scheduled years in advance.

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.

But Resistance is growing.  Underneath the gleaming cities, down in the lower depths live the Bohemians.  Rebels who believe that there was once a Golden Age when the kids formed their own bands and wrote their own songs.  The call that time, The Rhapsody.

Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.

Legend persists that somewhere on Planet Mall instruments still exist.  Somewhere, the mighty axe of a great and hairy guitar god lies buried deep in rock.  The Bohemians need a hero to find this axe and draw it from stone.

Is the one who calls himself Galileo that man?

He's just a poor boy.  From a poor family.

But the Ga Ga cops are also looking for Galileo and if they get him first they will surely drag him before the Killer Queen and consign him to oblivion across the Seven Seas of Rhye.

Who is Galileo? Where is the Hairy One's lost axe?

Where is the place of the living rock?

Anywhere the wind blows . . .

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'Queen show is kind of magical' - Jerald Smith, Express & Star, 16/10/07


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