An amateur production by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd
on behalf of Music Theatre International of New York

Pirate King: Leon Davies
Mabel: Charlotte Wood
Frederic: Adam Partridge
Major General: Terry Gormley
Ruth: Sarah Rose
Samuel: Paul Tooby
Police Sergeant: Steve Humpherson
Kate: Anna Hough
Edith: Dawn Shillingford

Male Chorus
Jaspal Binning, Ben Edwards, Jonathan Hunt, Matt Lucas, Patrick O'Donnell,
Nick Perkins, Dale Ramsey, David Shaw, Scott Sutherland, James Totney

Female Chorus
Katherine Amphlett, Emma Baker, Phoebe Drinkwater, Melanie Glazzard, Joanne Gubbins, Chrissie Homer, Beccie Lees, Katie Linford, Christina Lloyd, Emma Mitchell, Natalie Nicholas, Adele Robinson, Rebecca Scott, Jane Smith, Gaynor Tromans, Sian Weston

Backstage Singers
Bernard Shaw, Fred Shaw

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Production Appointments

Director/Choreographer: Mike Capri
Musical Director: Jonathan Hill
Accompanist: Tony Braddock
Production Secretary: David Shaw
Stage Manager: Margaret Taylor
Sound Engineer: Peter Revill, Cygnet Sound
Lighting: TBA
Properties: Sheila Morris
Scenery: Scenic & Property Hire
Wardrobe Mistress: Kath Trigg
Costumes: Triple 'C' Costumes
House Manager: Mike Davies
Assistant House Manager: Kevin Gripton
Call Boy: Sheila Harryman
Prompt: Sheila Clift
Ticket Secretary: Lorraine Lovett
Programme Editors: Ken Clift & Leon Davies
Publicity Officer: Mel Glazzard

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Our story begins as Frederic, a young man with an unswerving sense of duty, is about to reach his 21st birthday and conclude his long apprenticeship to the infamous Pirates of Penzance. His good-hearted but hard-of-hearing nursemaid Ruth reveals that she has made a most disastrous mistake. When Frederic was just a boy she misunderstood her employer's directive and apprenticed him to a pirate instead of a pilot, as intended. Frederic tells the Pirate King (a dashing figure who never preys on orphans since he himself has had the misfortune to be one) that his freedom will be devoted to exterminating all pirates and that it would be better for the pirates to leave before midnight when his indentures are over. The pirates depart immediately and Frederic is left alone with Ruth, the only woman he has seen in years. Ruth pleads with Frederic to take her with him, but her case is lost when a bevy of young, attractive women appear.

Frederic appeals to the girls to overlook his pirate apparel and his past profession, but no one will listen until the beauteous Mabel appears. Frederic and Mabel fall in love instantly. The pirates return, and struck by the maidens' innocence and availability, each seizes the future bride of his choice. Mabel warns them that their actions will not go unpunished since her father, the guardian of all these young ladies, holds the exalted rank of Major-General. The pirates are unimpressed by this distinction and the Major-General is forced to pretend that he is an orphan in order to win their sympathy. Although he fools the Pirate King, the Major-General cannot rest easy with his troubled conscience.

Meanwhile, Frederic is launching an attack on the pirates with the cowardly assistance of the police. But Ruth and the Pirate King interrupt him with a most ingenious paradox — Frederic was born in a leap year on the 29th February and, in terms of actual birthdays, is only 5 instead of 21. Frederic, slave of duty that he is, rejoins his former associates, and the police are left to attack the pirates on their own.

The pirates seize the Major-General and the police are quickly defeated. But the Sergeant of Police charges them to yield "in Queen Victoria's name" and the pirates cannot resist this overpowering appeal. Ruth then reveals that the pirates are actually "noblemen who have gone wrong". Each pirate gains a wife and Mabel and Frederic are happily re-united for ever with the unqualified blessings of the Major-General.

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"Leading Pirates players are a hit" - Jerald Smith, Express & Star, 14th October, 2008

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