by Tim Firth
Music and Lyrics by MADNESS
An amateur production presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LIMITED

Joe Casey: Leon Davies
Sarah: Rachel Davies
Joe's Dad: David Gregory
Kath Casey: Anna Hough
Lewis: Ben Edwards
Emmo: Adam Partridge
Billie: Melanie Glazzard
Angie: Emma Mitchell
Reecey: Steve Humpherson
Mr Pressman: Steven Coussens

Katherine Amphlett, Emma Baker, Joanne Boxley, Emma-Louise Clayton, Becky Cox,
Cassie Day, Michaela Doherty, Joanne Gubbins, Jonathan Hunt, Emily Jeavons,
Katie Leverton, Katie Linford, Lizzie Lodge, Lara Mitchell, Cathy Moreton, Nick Perkins,
Dale Ramsey, Adele Robinson, Sarah Rose, Hattie Rudge, Jonathan Scott,
David Shaw, Dawn Shillingford, Steve Taylor, James Totney, Julia Tromans,
Sian Weston, Lloyd Wothers

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Production Appointments

Director/Choreographer: Mike Capri
Musical Director: Jonathan Hill
Assistant to the Director: Steve Bracey
Accompanist: Tony Braddock, Phil James
Production Secretary: David Shaw
Stage Manager: Roger Seabury
Assistant Stage Manager: Maragaret Taylor
Stage Director: Judi Davies
Sound Engineer: Peter Revill, Cygnet Sound
Lighting: Matt Bird
Properties: Rachel Smith, Victoria Ball
Scenery: Judi Davies and Team
Wardrobe Mistress: Kath Trigg
Dressers for Joe Casey: Jeanne Hunt, Sue Totney
Costumes: Triple 'C' Costumes and cast
House Manager: Mike Davies
Assistant House Manager: Kevin Gripton
Call Boy: Sheila Harryman
Prompt: Sheila Clift & Shirley Glazzard
Ticket Secretary: Lorraine Lovett
Programme Editors: Leon & Rachel Davies
Programme Layout: Dale Ramsey
Publicity Officer: Sarah Rose
Society Archivist: Bernard Shaw

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Our House
is the story of Joe Casey who, on the night of his sixteenth birthday, takes Sarah, the girl of his dreams, out on their first date.  In an effort to impress her with bravado, he breaks into a building site overlooking his home on Casey Street, which is owned by Mr Pressman, a high-end property developer.  The police turn up, at which point, Joe's life splits in two: the Good Joe, who stays to help and Bad Joe, who flees.

Good Joe, having stayed to help Sarah, is sent to a 'correctional facility' for two years.  On his release, finding that his past prevents him from getting a good job, he struggles to make ends meet.  Despite managing to buy himself a second-hand car, he convinces himself that he is an embarrassment to all who care about him - especially Sarah, whose new college lifestyle reading law is complicated by Callum, a fellow student.  In an effort to keep up with this guy, Good Joe is beguiled by his 'mate' Reecey into helping stage a break-in fro some easy money - is caught and this time sent down.

Meanwhile, Bad Joe has lost Sarah, but is making a success of a burgeoning career, using his breaking and entering skills to install security systems which he then instructs a lowlife 'mate' called Reecey how to breech.  His efforts soon earn him enough money to start his own business in property development, where he attracts the attention of Mr Pressman.  Now a successful businessman, he is able to swan back into Sarah's life, literally sweeping her off her feet at he college dance.

Three years later, at 21, Bad Joe and Sarah get married in Las Vegas, while Good Joe is leaving prison, forced to sleep rough in the second-hand car he bought all those years ago.  At this point, Good Joe and Bad Joe's worlds start to collide.  Mr Pressman has decided to 'redevelop' Camden by demolishing Casey Street - except Joe's mum Kath who refuses to leave.  This house is special, she says, given to her family in perpetuity because their ancestors helped build Casey Street.

Good Joe vows to save the house.  He calls on Sarah, now a trainee lawyer engaged to Callum, to help prove that Kath does own the deeds to 25 Casey Street.  Bad Joe, meanwhile is called on by Mr Pressman to help destroy the house in a strong arm tactic to get the occupant to move out.  Bad Joe does this by arranging - with Reecey's help - for the house to be burned down while she is out celebrating her birthday.  Except tragically all Kath wants to do is wait in the house for her son to come visit her on that special day.  In the Good Joe story, the errant son returns, holding the property deeds, to find the house burning down but his mum is safe; in the Bad Joe story the 'successful' son returns too late, to realise his mum was in there, waiting for him.

From the ashes of the house fire Good Joe is reborn, reunited with Sarah, who he marries, and also with his mum.  Mister Pressman and Reecey are sent down for arson.  Bad Joe, having lost Sarah and his mum, is sent down as an accomplice to manslaughter.  And in the final beat of the show we wind back to where we started, the moment of decision on Joe's sixteenth birthday;  when asked what he wants to do, somehow he knows the right decision to make.  He simply says 'lets' go dancing!'

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Our House review

"Fun Filled Madness Musical" - Jerald Smith, Express & Star, 19th October, 2010

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