An amateur production presented by kind permission of Musicscope Ltd

Reno: Anna Hough
Billy: George Stuart
Hope: Lara Mitchell
Sir Evelyn: Mark Horne
Moonface Martin: Steve Humpherson
Erma: Melanie Glazzard
Elisha J. Whitney: Terry Gormley
Mrs Harcourt: Julia Tromans
Angels: Amy Williams, Dawn Shillingford, Liann Ruddick, Natalie Nicholas
Captain: Lloyd Wothers
Purser: Will Phipps
Bishop Henry T. Dobson: Fred Shaw
Luke & John: James Totney & Charlie Howell

Dancers: Jo Boxley, Emma Louise Clayton, Chelsea Little, Lizzie Lodge,
Abigail Milne, Zoe Nock, Katherine Orme

Sailors: Greg Bytheway, Charlie Howell, Tyrone Howell,
Matthew Mills, David Shaw, James Totney

Passengers: Debra Barton, Hannah Barton, Rebecca Cox,
Jo Gubbins, Jeanne Hunt, Cathy Moreton,
Claire Price, Sue Totney

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Director/Choreographer: Mike Capri
Musical Director: Jonathan Hill
: Steve Bracey
Accompanist: Adam Joy, Simon Wilkinson
Production Secretary: Ray Howell
Stage Manager: Margaret Taylor
Assistant Stage Manager: Andy Southall
Stage Director: Andy Southall
Sound Engineer: Peter Revill, Cygnet Sound
Lighting: Matt Bird
Properties: Rachel Smith, Victoria Ball
Scenery: Proscenium
Wardrobe Mistress: Kath Trigg
Costumes: Triple 'C' Costumes
House Manager: Ray Howell
Assistant House Manager:
Call Boy: Katie Linford, Jonathan Hunt, Adam Partridge
Prompt: Sheila Clift & Shirley Glazzard
Ticket Secretary: Lorraine Lovett
Programme Editors: Bernard Shaw, James Totney
Publicity Officer: Mary Bytheway
Society Archivist: Bernard Shaw

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The original story of Anything Goes by Guy Bolton and P.G. Woodhouse, centred on a group of characters aboard a luxury liner who were shipwrecked but, just as the show was ready to go into production, a real sea disaster occurred, forcing a re-write which resulted in the show we see today. "Anything Goes" eventually opened on Broadway in November 1934 starring Ethel Merman and ran for 420 performances during the lean years of the 1930s.  The following year it transferred to London and played for 261 performances and has enjoyed a number of revivals.

The action takes place on the S.S. American, sailing from New York to England.  On board are the beautiful American heiress Hope Harcourt, her English fianc
é Sir Evelyn Oakleigh and Hope's mother.  Stowing away on board is Billy Crocker, a young admirer of Hope's, who can't believe she would really marry the silly Sir Evelyn and determines to try and stop her.  Gangster Moonface Martin, known as Public Enemy Number Thirteen, with his moll Erma is also along for the ride and he passes on to Billy the passport and ticket of a gangster friend who failed to catch the boat.

This leads to unwelcome complications for Billy, as he and Moonface have to keep changing disguises to avoid arrest.  Meanwhile, helping to keep the pot boiling is the incandescent Reno Sweeney, ex-evangelist and current nightclub singer.  With her help all the shipboard disasters are averted and all the romances sorted out, including her own.

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"Anything Goes in able offering of classic Cole Porter stage show" - Jerald Smith, Express & Star, 23rd October, 2013

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Photos from Anything Goes will appear here shortly

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