2018 SHOW
Bringing musical theatre to Stourbridge for over 100 years!

The Audition Board were overwhelmed with the talent of those who auditioned and could have cast the show several times.  They are pleased to announce the cast for '13 - The Musical' as follows:

Evan - Oliver Keeling
Archie - James Bastable
Brett - Tom O'Leary
Eddie - George Blower
Malcolm - Harry Way
Richie/Rabi - James Luckins
Simon - George Pilliner

Patrice -
Hannah Shillingford
Lucy - Shannon Lee
Kendra - India Shinton
Cassie - Madeline Rock
Charlotte - Ella Fisher
Molly - Sami Brasenell

Olivia Ashley-Smith, Bella Moreton, Sophie Ruddick, Emily Poulton,
Isobella Cook, Jayme Gubbins, Grace Perks, Lauren L'Enfant, Abby Houghton

Cheerleaders/Schoolkids/Rabis/New York Kids:
Martha Davies, Leah Plant, Lily Cassidy, Olivia Ashley-Smith, Millie Brown,
Louise Tilley, Bella Moreton, Sophie Ruddick, Mia Price,
Emily Poulton, Amelia Humphries, Isobella Cook, Charlotte Nicholas,
Jayme Gubbins, Emma Scott, Grace Perks, Lauren L'Enfant, Abby Houghton,
Arwen Winstanley, Tori Davies, Olivia Simmonds

Please email youth@stourbridge-operatic.co.uk to accept your part in this production, accompanied by any holiday dates you may be unavailable for rehearsal.

The first rehearsal will be Thursday 8th February at 6.30pm in The Wollaston Room, Stourbridge Town Hall where full company will be required.

The performance fee of £25 becomes due at the first rehearsal so please bring this along with you.

A £5 deposit for the hire of a score will need to be paid but this will be refunded at a later date on its return undamaged.